6 miniature beauty products to fit inside your party clutch Advertisement

6 miniature beauty products to fit inside your party clutch

Downsizing doesn’t have to be difficult

By Mahalia Chang  December 28th, 2017

If you haven’t been keeping a weather-eye on Rihanna’s outfits as of late, then you may have missed this season’s most crucial fashion development: very, very, very small bags are in. Forget your semi-scrappy carryall, which has three years’ worth of coins and spilled mints in the bottom and lipstick stains on the leather. It goes without saying that the bank-up of knick-knacks, make-up and personal accoutrements that have been rattling around in our bags for the past six months wouldn’t exactly fit into our newly shrink-rayed accessories. To help you out in this tiny sitch, we’ve tracked down miniature beauty products, version of your regular go-tos, so you don’t have to skimp on the everyday comforts when you scale down.

From tiny lipsticks to mini-mints, here are six small things for your small bag.

6 miniature beauty products that fit in a tiny bag 

Gucci's Bloom Rollerball Parfum,

Bloom Rollerball Parfum, 2,179, Gucci at sephora.com.au.

Charlotte Tilbury Mini lipstick

Mini lipstick charm, three for Rs, 3,846, Charlotte Tilbury.

Tic Tac

Mini Tic Tac, 62 for Rs, 576, Tic Tac at kmart.com.au.

Fenty Beauty

Blotting papers, Rs, 1,538, Fenty Beauty at sephora.com.au.

Benefit Concealer

Boi-ing concealer pot, Rs, 2179, Benefit Cosmetics at sephora.com.au.

Benefit Mascara

Mini Roller Lash mascara, Rs, 1,282, Benefit Cosmetics at sephora.com.au.