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Monica Dogra drops first single

The singer dishes on going solo

By Sneha Sadarangani  September 9th, 2014

Monica Dogra – one half of the electronic music duo, Shaa’ir and Func – is flying solo this time around. The singer has released her first single Rise Up And Run, and says the feeling is simply “just great.”

From the hundreds of songs she writes, it was this one, written at 3.00am in a Notting Hill studio, that Dogra felt was worth it. “I hate almost everything that I come up with. But if I [even] mildly like it, then it must be half-decent,” she explained. It seems this one met that benchmark. “As soon as I wrote it, I knew it was something else.”

The video for the single dropped yesterday on the official website for Red Bull (who have financed the song), and it features Dogra dancing up a storm (in what seems like a storm), accompanied by two dancers – Reshma Gajjar and Nilaya Sabnis – who have shared stage space with Madonna and Ricky Martin. “What you see is just three minutes and thirty seconds, but the work and dedication that went into it is more than I can explain,” said Dogra.

Shot at Pavana Lake in Lonavala, it shows the three women draped in white ropes and gold jewellery as they dance, almost warrior-like, on rocks, up hills and in the middle of a lake. And Dogra describes the end of the shoot as transformative. “In the last moment of the song, I am completely submerged in the lake – I came out baptised and I’ll never be the same. It may sound…actually I don’t know what it sounds like, but it’s true,” said the singer.