Your monthly forecast for April 2018, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Your monthly forecast for April 2018, according to your zodiac sign

How does Jupiter in retrograde affect you?

By Shweta Gandhi  April 4th, 2018

As per the monthly forecast for April 2018, the power of the Jupiter retrograde that started last month continues, and effects will be observed until June. Says spiritual guide and psychic Ashtar Tashi, “The Mercury retrograde is a relatively more common one that most people know of since it directly impacts communication and travel. But Jupiter is a positive retrograde as compared to Mercury — since the planet is all about wisdom, progress, fortune and good opportunities, the only counter-effect is that these happen at a slower pace than usual.” That doesn’t go to say that we ignore the retrograde — all we need to do is keep ourselves aware of how Jupiter’s energies are subtly affecting us in the background for the next four months.

Ashtar recommends keeping three things in mind this month: First, look at your to-do list and prioritise. Understand what you need to revise or re-work. Second, try looking at everything from a different perspective. Shift your thought process and change the way you’re going about your daily life. Remember that Jupiter in retrograde helps a lot if you’re willing to take risks — so try a new approach that would benefit you. Third, keep an open mind. What are you doing to do with this powerful energy of Jupiter in retrograde?

How does Jupiter in retrograde affect your zodiac sign this April?


Pisces, April brings the message of a bright future. This month, you can take risks in financial investments like bonds, shares or securities as you'll get good results. April is all about respecting money — don't spend it unnecessarily and save some for a rainy day. Use your wisdom and invest wisely. There are also opportunities for money coming your way (maybe an inheritance?). You can also expect a raise or a bonus at your workplace. Keep your arms open to receiving and always be in gratitude.


Leo, April is all about grabbing opportunities. Whether they're a little slow moving or small, it doesn't matter, because it's good for you. The universe is being kind to you this month, so use your innate sense of wisdom and understand that whatever is coming to you is a blessing from the universe. It could be a new relationship, a new job or a new exercise regimen. Keep your mind open and don't stop working on new projects — everything doesn't have to be here and now and larger-than-life. Going slow this month will prove beneficial for you. How are you going to go slow, Leo? 


Gemini, we all know you are hard-core Mercurial beings, considering your ruling planet is also Mercury. But with Jupiter in retrograde, you have to keep in mind that Mercury's powers are lessoned, which is not a bad thing at all for you. This month, open up your mind and take everything easy. A lot of creative ideas and new opportunities are going to come your way, and a lot of mind work is going to happen. But don't rush into anything. Yes, changes will happen, you can take risks, sign new contracts, enter into new relationships and so on, but don't get worked up with how slow everything is going. It's an easy month for you — how will you make the most of it?


Capricorn, you cannot back down this month. Trust your instinct; look out for opportunities where you will be heard calmly. Don't take no for an answer from people, and at the same time, don't be loud and aggressive. All that you want can be achieved, only if you use a gentler and a softer approach. Be confident that whatever you want will come to you. What do you want this April?


Aries, you need to look out for blocks in your health this month. With Jupiter in retrograde, your health issues won't be magnified, but it would benefit you a lot if you open your mind to alternative healing therapies like acupuncture or acupressure. You also need to have a look at your lifestyle and change the negative bits. Don't take your mind and body for granted; start looking at the minutest of health details. A few conscious shifts in your lifestyle will take you a long way. 


Cancer, this April, you need to learn to draw your boundaries. Why are you opening up all your doors just because you seek approval and validation? You're allowing people to come in, get close to you and hurt you. This month, prioritise and put yourself first. Also, look for opportunities through your friendships or relationships. Talk to people and communicate about how a friendship or a relationship can benefit you. You're not using people, but you're opening yourself up to seeing how you can gain from a partnership. What's stopping you, Cancer?


Aquarius, this month pay attention to what you're passionate about. What do you want in your life? Jupiter in retrograde wants you to take risks and put yourself out there. Go ahead, change your mindset and do things differently about whatever you're the most passionate about. Be honest with yourself — what is your heart's true desire? 


Virgo, April is the perfect time for you to give birth to new conditions. Make your to-do list and understand your priorities. You may have a million ideas running through your head all at once, but prioritising will help you understand which ones you need to focus on first. Allow time for your ideas to come into reality, and pay special attention to your visions. Patience will take you a long way this month. Since these are new ideas, you can take a risk, but this time, it should be a measured risk. The universe is on your side — so go on and create new projects and exercise new ideas. How are you going to create magic for yourself this month, Virgo?


Libra, this month, you need to keep your focus totally on your target. What is it that you want? Get out there and seize it — don't let you mind waver at all. With Jupiter in retrograde, you need to trust in your own wisdom and focus on your inner voice. Be willing to take risks and look at new ideas and visions with an open mind. Be it work-related projects, a new love in your life, an old love you're trying to get over, a new extracurricular activity — look at everything as a mini project and see it through till the end. Don't leave anything hanging in the air. Focussed intent will help you get there.


Scorpio, April requires you to trust yourself. You know you have the power in you, so stop looking for validations from the external world. This month, whether you're a student, starting out at a new job, in a relationship that's trying to resurrect itself, or if you're trying to create a brand new relationship, know that you have it in you to make it happen the way you want it to happen. Jupiter in retrograde is going to support you in your independent thinking. Start thinking in your own way — begin doing things that's true to your own style and is not influenced by other people's energies. Bring your priorities in place; be a little more organised with yourself. What's on your to-do list for this month?


Sagittarius, you have been living life in a repetitive pattern, and this month is going to cause problems that will bring these patterns to your awareness. Start journaling about all the situations where you are giving a repeated performance — ask yourself, why are you making the same mistakes? If you're repeating karmic bondages with people and situations over and over again, ask the universe to bless you with divine wisdom so you can free yourself from these repetitive patterns of your past life. Are you carrying fear within you that's not helping you move forward? Ask the universe about why this cell memory is so deeply embedded in you. Are you not able to rid yourself of something that you know is not good for you? It could be a past life karma that you need to get over, and using the tools of Jupiter in retrograde is going to help you do just that. Go for chakra healing sessions or crystal therapy to cleanse these energies and get over this past life baggage that you are carrying within you. How will you free yourself this month, Sagittarius?


Taurus, look out for changing your mindset this month. Stop being such a tough bull who doesn't want to move from where he's standing — this month, the challenge is to make shifts that you need to make by ending things that are not working in your favour and making new beginnings. This would only happen thanks to the energies of the Jupiter retrograde. This month, you can take risks — though we all know you don't like taking them — and remember that the universe is supporting your decisions. Go into introspection and study yourself to understand why you need to change certain things, how it'll benefit you and how you can implement them. The time has come for solid transformation, Taurus, be it in your relationships, career, health, investments or your personal self. Are you ready?   

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