Your monthly forecast for March 2018, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Your monthly forecast for March 2018, according to your zodiac sign

What's on the cards for your love life, career and personal life?

By Shweta Gandhi  March 1st, 2018

March is a very special month in 2018, thanks to the energies of the two full moons — on the 2nd and the 31st — which are going to create a huge impact on all the zodiac signs. “March is full of energies — they’re going to be more realisations, more understanding of the self, more possibilities of letting go,” says spiritual healer and psychic Ashtar Tashi. In these predictions for March 2018, Ashtar asks you to remember to take every step in your life with complete awareness as the moon’s energy is going to enhance that particular action. 

Your ultimate forecast for March 2018:


Libra, look after your health this month. Get any small indications checked. You have the power to heal others so look after your loved ones and reach out to them. Visit hospitals, old-age homes, orphanages and spend some time with people who are unwell and your presence will help them heal better. In your love life, if your relationship needs some sort of healing, March is the time to do it. Take care of their needs and counsel your close ones.

Crystal for the month: Blue Aquamarine


Virgo, you have become too sensitive. You need to understand that this month the moon is going to affect your moods, so become a little more careful about your tantrums or being too reactive and touchy. Look at being aware at your moods; don’t snap for the sake of doing it. Remain in silence and don’t over-react and spoil things. Stay calmer in your professional life and in your relationships. Eat lighter meals. Look after your health or any ailments, and even if they are minor, do get them checked. Look after your emotional health. Meditate with crystals to be at peace and let it absorb any negative energy. Avoid getting into arguments and fights. Silence is the key to your peace of mind.

Crystal for the month: Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline


Gemini, since you have the planet Mercury revolving around you which makes you all good communicators, this month, communicate your truth. Reach out to people; do your networking. Communicate what you are all about. Use your skills of communication to get in touch with people and achieve what you want to by speaking about yourself. In your love life, make positive changes with the help of communication. Don't let things be locked away and not be spoken about. Get any misunderstandings or questions with your partner and friends out of the dark through communication. Repair your relationships. Personally, communicate your own truth to yourself. Tell yourself that you have energy to do everything right. Be confident.

Crystal of the month: Amethyst


Scorpio, the goddess is giving you the message of old endings and new beginnings. This month, you will have a lot of soul searching to do. You must use this full moon energy to strengthen you. When you meditate, you should ask for energies that will give the strength to let go of what it is you don’t need. In your workplace, if you are not content, maybe it is time to consider a revamp of your position, or leaving and moving on to newer avenues. Leave out energies of what's getting old in your life. In your love life, if there are things to be resolved that aren't getting resolved, maybe it's time to let go. Take the courage of the full moon to have closure with relationships of any kind that aren't working. Money wise, let go and don’t hold on to things that you don't want anymore. Let go of greed, money, desire for power and open up your fists to allow things to be released from your life that don’t hold value. Be true to yourself and ask yourself what you need to hold onto and what you need to let go.

Crystal for the month: Black Onyx


Leo, now is a good time for you to make money. The full moon is on your side and it is going to support you and fill your life with light to appreciate yourself and your desire to make money, all in the right way. On the professional front, if you are looking to get a raise, go and get one for yourself. If you are looking at a business proposition, then charge in that direction. If your money is blocked with people who are not paying you or you have investments without any returns, follow up with that with your bank or financial advisor. That money is going to come to you this March. Go out there and grab the opportunity to make money and make sound investments with good returns. Look after your loved ones — look at their needs and do whatever is possible to make them happy.

Crystal for the month: Ruby or Garnets



Aries, this month you need to look at your creative energies and introspect on how you can resolve your problems. Look for solutions that will create better circumstances in your love life and will enhance your soul growth with creativity. Invest your time in creative activities and hobbies like cooking, painting, writing and pottery, for your personal growth. In terms of buisiness, you must look at creative ideas to move forward and not the same old beaten path. Use creative thinking in relationships and fun activities to do together that'll add a little spark to your relationship. 

Crystal for the month: Pearl or Moonstone

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Capricorn, be aware of your own qualities and energies this month. Appreciate yourself and focus on being more aware on what are your personal needs are in relationships. If your loved ones are not treating you well and you aren't feeling comfortable, take a break. Move away for a while. Don’t allow anyone to treat you shabbily even in your workplace. Keep doing what you do. Don’t let others bring your down. Appreciate your uniqueness. Do things that give you the confidence to be who you are. Enrol in a class that makes you feel good about yourself — indulge in some art therapy, visit the spa, get a new haircut or a new exercise regime. Revive and reawaken the inner goddess or god within you.

Crystals of the month: Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Amber


Cancer, this month the universe is bestowing upon you enormous wealth. You don’t have to worry about your financial status in your workplace. Enjoy the money you are getting and ask for a raise when you're ready. Get yourself involved in activities that help you make money, like moonlighting as a DJ or as an author to make extra money. Spend it on your loved ones, like a shopping spree or a dining experience. The universe will allow you to save some money or invest some as well.

Crystal of the month: Citrine



Pisces, this month you need to stand up for yourself and reach out. Introspect if this is what you really want in your workplace or in your relationships. Get your answer. Don’t allow people to push your around in the way they think. You need to be independent in your decision-making. If you are working under too many people, it's time you ask for a position of independence. In your love life, stand up and speak your truth. Stop getting affected about what others will do or think and get independent.  Focus on getting your power back.

Crystal for the month: Tiger's eye


Taurus, this month is giving you the message of purification. Pay attention to this purification especially in terms of the double full moon as it gives you the opportunity to let go of what is not working for you. Stop treating yourselves badly. Respect who you are — mentally, emotionally and physically. Don’t beat yourself up for a bad exercise regime or a bad diet. Make a switch. Start looking for healthier ways of living. Give up your addictions and bad habits which are harming your health. Look at detox treatments through a wellness spa or detox regimes. Do meditate and try to purify your mind. Do not hold on to stress; let bygones be bygones. Do not hold on to the past. Realise the energy of self-love and self-care.

Crystal of the month: Rose Quartz


Aquarius, whatever it is you are looking for in relationships, in your workplace or in your love life or in your personal growth, this is the time to expand your horizons and go that extra mile. Work a little harder. You can't be siting in one place. Work hard for the opportunities to come to you. Grab what is rightfully yours. If you are taking your loved ones for granted, invest more time and energy in your love. Do the same in your workplace. Do something creative and enhance your focus because this month, your need to focus will be more essential to your growth.

Crystal for the month: Fluorite


Sagittarius, this month is lovely in terms of connecting yourselves with water. All phases of the moon have a huge effect on water, and this month, you can make complete use of the full moon energy. The main message is go with the flow. Stop resisting. Please stop being rigid in anything you are doing, feeling or experiencing. Don’t allow anyone to push you or turn you on any path you are not keen on following for yourself. Learn to move gently and with the flow. Go easy on yourself, be it with your health or your relationships. Meditating this month will help you.

Crystals for the month: Selenite, Apophyllite