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Monthly horoscope for May 2018, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate through the month

By Shweta Gandhi  May 3rd, 2018

Are you ready for your monthly horoscope for May 2018? The full moon in Scorpio on April 29 and 30 has set the tone — this month is going to be incomplete until you learn the lesson of self-love, kindness, compassion and gently let go of everything that is no longer serving you. “Everything that seems like a challenge is good for you in many ways because that’s what’s going to help your soul to evolve, and once that evolution and that shift in consciousness takes place, you won’t need to learn that lesson again,” says spiritual guide and psychic Ashtar Tashi

Keeping this in mind, Ashtar suggests being aware of the obstacles coming your way that demand you to change on a deeper level, and the current energies of the waning moon in Scorpio will help you transform yourself. Also remember that Jupiter is still in retrograde until June, and this will slow down your progress. But don’t let that stop you — keep taking small steps until you achieve your goals. Ashtar recommends calling upon your goddesses, according to your zodiac sign, to help you go through the transformations. Here, she gives her insights to guide you through May.

Monthly horoscope for May 2018


Aries, remember that you're safe. Don't be scared to let go of what you need to shed. Sometimes we continue to choose to be in a comfort zone, but this month, you have to get out of that safety blanket. And you don't have to be scared to make that move. Nothing wrong will touch you throughout this process. What are you going to let go of?


Sagittarius, do you feel the world is being unfair to you right now? Then you need to let go of that feeling this month, because fairness and justice is all meant for you, but your attitude towards other people needs to change. You cannot keep cribbing and complaining. Face what you are hiding away from, for this is where your karma has brought you. Though you are genuine, sincere and you understand the importance of fairness, can you be fair to yourself? Let go of feeling like a victim and believe that the universe is on your side. 


Taurus, remain grounded this month. Do not get worked up about everything; stay calm and try not to react to situations. Grounding is a very strong aspect for your zodiac sign, so you won't find it difficult to do it. Stay in one place and do what must be done. Changes are going to happen, and if your energies are going to be all over the place, you won't be able to succeed. Look after your home space as you'll be safer indoors. How do you plan on grounding yourself?


Capricorn, it's a good time for you this month to blossom all over again. You have been hiding under the shadows of trees, that can literally be equated to problems, complexes, low confidence issues. It's time for you to come out of the shade and shine. Show the world the best possible version of whom you are. You have been able to let go of a lot of negativity, and now it's time for you to show off the well-pruned and fresh Capricornian image of yours.


Libra, May is going to be all about birth and new beginnings. Given that this month is all about transformations, this card highlights that anything you have been procrastinating with will fall away. You will now have the energy to explore the unexplored, so don't fear to dive right in. What project are you going to begin?


Gemini, this May, you need to look after yourself just way you would look after a baby. Be sensitive and be caring to yourself. Spend more time with children this month to find your child-like nature of forgiving and forgetting. Don't hold grudges this month against people. Be softer, and laugh more. Look inside you for inner healing. What part of yourself do you want to heal with the effective energies of the full moon in Scorpio? Is there something you are holding on to from your childhood? Focus on healing yourself this month.


Cancer, you are the most sensitive amongst all sun signs to the transformations happening this month. Be gentle with yourself and shed away all bad habits, belief systems or negative thought patterns that are not in your favour. And you are aware about what needs to be released, so what better time to transform yourself than now?


Yes, the process of shedding and letting go is tiring, Aquarius, which is why you're feeling restless. But remember you're not as weak or small as you think you are right now. You have the strength within you. All you need to do is scratch the surface and dig deeper. Contemplation will help you understand who you are. Trust that you are the divine self and you are blessed with all that you need. Respect yourself this month, Aquarius.


Pisces, take yourself forward this month by attracting spaces that have water. Whether you're swimming or soaking in a salt water bath, being in water will help you get rid of whatever you don't need anymore. All you need to do before you step into water is make an intent: "I am open to shedding and letting go of all that I do not need and the energy of water is going to take it away from me." Also, remember that to bring in transformations in your life, you can't be rigid. You have to flow like water. Whatever has happened has happened. This month is a new period for you. Don't become stagnant with your old fears or pains. Let it all wash away. 


Scorpio, whatever challenges you are going through are there because they are a repeat performance from your past life time/s or past experiences from this lifetime. Stop holding on to the past — your fears, your anxieties, your hopelessness, your stress, your anger and every other negative feeling that you are harbouring needs to be rid of. This pattern is only being repeated because you are allowing it to be repeated. You cannot live in the past. One exercise is to write a list of your negative traits that you dislike about yourself, give gratitude for having those traits, and then burn that piece of paper to let go. This will heal you deeply. 


Virgo, this month is all about becoming aware about your inner wisdom. Don't live in ignorance, for you know deep down that you have that sixth sense or that gut feeling. Allow that power to guide you through your challenges and you're guaranteed to pass with flying colours. How are you going to tap into your inner wisdom?


Leo, this May, you need to have focused intent. Since you are working towards incorporating changes in your life, the only way to do this is through focus. Don't listen to naysayers; trust yourself and focus on your goals. If you know where you're headed in the next six months, then work backwards to know what your current goals should be. How are you going to focus this month?

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