The Moschino-inspired bouquet was the most popular Halloween costume Advertisement

The Moschino-inspired bouquet was the most popular Halloween costume

Happy Floraloween

By Shweta Gandhi  November 1st, 2017

You know when a supermodel like Gigi Hadid pulls off a look, no matter how whimsical and flamboyant it is, it’s going to be emulated. But when it’s mirrored by people around the globe for Halloween, it makes you stop and wonder — is avant garde fashion the new Halloween costume?

Inspired by creative genius Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Spring/Summer ’18 collection that featured models looking like an extravagant bouquet wrapped up with a bow, this ensemble was ideal for Halloween, because it is undoubtedly scary — to pull off, that is. But this kid is slaying it:  

This woman literally took a plastic bag and wrapped it around her: 

THANK YOU everyone for Halloween antics and a 27 to remember

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How does one even keep those flowers standing upright? 

A bouquet

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These two are giving us real #RelationshipGoals  

#avantgarden @itsjeremyscott / @moschino

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The (only) advantage of wearing a bouquet is that you’re going to be smelling amazing, naturally. No wonder she has that huge smile on her face. 

This woman is literally Gigi Hadid’s doppelgänger.

Brownie points to this guy for showing us just how good men look in flowers. 

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This one matched his make-up with his bouquet. 

Moschino floral bouquet for Halloween? Groundbreaking

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The Moschino bouquet could very well be a bridal ensemble.

This one literally has the flowers’ stems popping out — isn’t that a Moschino bouquet faux pas?

Next time you’re searching for Halloween inspiration, look no further than the runway.