A brief history of Moschino's kooky bags Advertisement

A brief history of Moschino’s kooky bags

No one can ever accuse Moschino of taking itself too seriously

By Hasina Khatib  March 1st, 2017

Over the three decades of its existence, the luxe fashion house Moschino has survived a serious McDonald’s fixation, among other things. But just when you thought that you could afford to get comfortable at the Milan Fashion Week front row, Moschino sent an army of kooky bags down the runway that’ll only stop at global domination. Behold, the toilet paper sling that may just become the next ‘it’ accessory before we’ve completed this sentence.

toilet paper bag

Among the other creations spotted on the runway, you could probably DIY this quirky evening clutch that consists of a sock and a clasp.

sock bag

And well, that’s just a small footnote in Moschino’s history of raising a toast to all that’s irreverent. We’ve rounded up their quirkiest experiments over the years.

10 Moschino bags that are anything but boring

For those days when you want to send a Pahlaj Nihalani-sized middle finger to the moral police. 

This radio tote has many virtues, not least of which is that it can probably house an actual radio too. Head turns guaranteed.

Apart from being the perfect gift for your artist friends, this spray paint can bag also packs in some serious storage.

If you’ve been hesitant to opt for the power pastels in your wardrobe, sweeten the deal with this adorable little teacup crossbody bag. 

A traffic cone bag or a little tribute to all those movie marathons on VLC, regardless of how you look at it, please know that your neon outfits have finally met their true match. 

Yes, you may end up actually trying to wear this during those rushed mornings, but they did throw in a written warning. 

Fashion kills. But not as much as Moschino’s sense of humour. 

You may not have a biker dude standing at attention in real life, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe can’t have some serious leather action. 

Take your love for skyscraper heels out of your shoe closet and into your hands with this stiletto special. 

The only danger with this one is that you’ll keep reaching into it for real fries.