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Google’s 5 most asked questions about lipstick, answered

Consider your most searched questions about lipstick officially answered

By Joely Walker  June 23rd, 2017

We love lipstick (obviously), so when our friends over at Google HQ told us the UK’s top five most-searched questions around lipstick, we couldn’t help but answer them all in one place. And yes, we had to Google one of them.

How do I make lipstick?

Our advice is not to attempt this at home (unless your home happens to be a lab) because making lipstick from scratch is no easy task and rather messy business. That said, it’s more hypnotic than a lava lamp to watch it happen.

Take a look at how a lipstick is born…

Still want to get handy in the make-up mixology department? Choose a base carrier like petroleum jelly, beeswax or lanolin and mix it with coloured loose pigments (MAC have an extensive selection) to create a tinted balm.

Note: Depending on the carrier, you may have to warm up your mixture to get an even spread of pigment. Just remember to let it cool off before applying it.

How do I apply lipstick?

That depends on what finish you’re after. If you’re using a sheer or balmy lipstick (the most foolproof textures to apply) then apply straight from the bullet, starting on cupid’s bow and working outwards. Repeat on bottom lip. Alternatively, dab it on with your finger for a softer look.

For fuller coverage, opaque lip you need to proceed with a bit more caution, as the full-impact colour is less forgiving when you go over the lines.

lipstick ursula

To start, blot your mouth with tissue remove any natural oils. Next, apply the lipstick straight from the bullet as before or use a lip brush for more precision, applying the bulk of the product in the middle of your lips moving gradually outwards towards the edge of your mouth’s natural contours.

Top Tip: If you still find this tricky, try blurring the edges with a cotton bud for a diffused effect.

How can I get lipstick out of a carpet?

Ok, we had to Google this one.

Apparently lipsticks make for the mother of all carpet stains because of their greasy finish, which clings on to carpet fibres (sob). To counter this, you need a cleansing product that dissolves grease, oils or waxes.

snowhite gif

Once you’ve chosen this, carefully scrape off any larger lumps of lipstick (sob, sob) before spraying your carpet cleaner over the top and using a sponge to blot the stain. Do not rub (this is key). Instead, blot, blot and blot again.

What is lipstick made of?

Waxes and oils make up the base of a lipstick and give it its structure. Carnauba wax is often used for its high melting point, alongside alternatives like beeswax, candelilla wax, cocoa butter and lanolin.

lipstick model

As a general rule, balms and glosses contain more emollients whereas matte finishes use more filling agents like silica. Pigments and dyes are added to give colour, alongside other compounds such as fragrances and synthetic pearl particles to add shimmer.

How can I make my lipstick matte?

We know the feeling, you’ve found your ultimate shade of nude and you want it to work across the spectrum to streamline your make-up bag. So how to make a non-matte lipstick matte? You’ll never be able to truly turn glossy finish lipsticks matte, but with satin or creamy textures you can.

Follow the blot, dust, repeat rule. Apply lipstick; blot it with tissue, dust over a translucent setting powder and repeat. Alternatively, try Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer, which you apply over your satin finish lipstick to turn it matte. Genius, no?

From: Elle UK 

Our top picks of liquid matte lipsticks

In case you’re still looking for the perfect lipstick for you, here’s our selection of some pf our favourite matte finish lipsticks that last ages, don’t make your lips flake and give full-impact colour.

Colorbar Deep Matte Lip Crème 

Rich pigment that’s perfect for everyday wear.  

The Texture Test: The weightless formula is super matte and moisturizing at the same time.

Applicator: Reliable enough to give an opaque finish with light hand application.

The Transferability: Lasts through your 9 to 5 job and leaves behind a tint for the rest of the day. 

Rs 665

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

A classic that’s true to its name.  

The Texture Test: Comfortably matte, though you might spot some peeling in the long run.

Applicator: You might catch yourself going a little Suicide Squad with this one.  

The Transferability: Will last you through a salad, with oil-free dressing of course! 

Rs 1,800

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Gives the illusion of fuller lips with just a single swipe.

The Texture Test: Strikes the perfect balance between being matte, non-drying and smooth.

Applicator: Makes it look like you had your lips done backstage.

The Transferability: Wear this one when you catch a 12-hour flight. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Lock in moisture with creamy mattes that won’t dry your lips out.

The Texture Test: Feels like a lightweight layer of velvet has coated your lips with colour.

Applicator: Though it’s great for fuller lips, it can prove to be slightly messy for the thin-lipped lot.

The Transferability: Have this one handy it all times because it doesn’t last through meals, or even a hot cuppa. 

Rs 600

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick

If you’re Instagram-savvy, you probably get the rage around these babies created by beauty blogger Huda Kattan.

The Texture Test:  The super fluid formula is lightweight and quick drying, but can draw light to creases.

Applicator: We’d trade it in for a lip brush, especially with the lighter colours.

The Transferability: You’ll find stains on your first cup of coffee of the day. 

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Bring the ‘60s to your lips with the deep berry hue in Oh Lady or go bare with So Me.

The Texture Test: Creaseless and super matte, this lipstick fools your lips into thinking all you have on is balm.

Applicator: The doe-foot applicator makes for the most precise application in a single swipe.

The Transferability: This one will last through a night of binge drinking, guaranteed.

Rs 1,850

Chambor Extreme Wear Transfer-Proof Liquid Lipstick

Add this to your kit for the festive season.   

The Texture Test: The comfort matte finish won’t dry your lips like the Saharan desert.

Applicator: Smoothens out fine edges like no other. No lip liner needed.

The Transferability: The only way this one’s getting off is if you sink your teeth into a chilli oil-topped pizza. 

Rs 849

The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes

A liquid lipstick that tastes like vanilla and mint, need we say more?  Rs 1,199

The Texture Test: The lightweight formula dries out perfectly matte, without emphasizing any flaws.

Applicator: The felt tip applicator is rigid and provides for machine-like control.

The Transferability: Leave this one in your beauty drawer as you take on the day. No budging here.

Rs 1,199

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

The product that pioneered the trend comes with candy-scented shades that flatter all skin tones. 

The Texture Test: Exfoliate your lips before this powder matte finish, because you can’t iron these creases out.

Applicator: The bristled wand magically plumps your pout, minus a lip job.

The Transferability: Lasts a lot longer than it sells out, we guarantee!