This couple had their wedding on Mount Everest Advertisement

This couple had their wedding on Mount Everest

Talk about love leaving you breathless

By Salva Mubarak  May 9th, 2017

Wedding prep can be hard. Wedding prep when you’re preparing to get married on the highest mountain peak in the world is cruel and unusual torture.

James Sissom, 35, and Ashley Schmeider, 32, gave the world #WeddingPhotographsGoals we didn’t know we needed when they trekked to Mount Everest to get married. During the course of their three-week trip to the Everest base camp, the adventurous Californian couple faced difficult terrain, altitude sickness and sub-zero temperature.

“After much deliberation, we decided a traditional wedding was not the right fit for us. As much as we would have loved to share our special day with our family and friends, we were both drawn to the idea of eloping during an incredible vacation,” said Schmeider, in an interview with Daily Mail. The couple is not unused to the idea of rough outdoors, as they’ve climbed upto 14,000 ft above sea level previously.

While the location of their wedding might be unconventional, the couple opted for a traditional ceremony (as traditional as it gets 17,000 ft above sea level) and outfits. The ceremony was captured by photographer Charleton Churchill in a series of breathtaking photographs.