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5 showdowns we’d love to see on Game Of Thrones

David Benioff and DB Weiss need to get cracking

By Hasina Khatib  June 21st, 2016

The latest Game Of Thrones episode may have gifted fans the gratuitous battle scene that the makers pride themselves on, but our bloodlust definitely ain’t satisfied yet. We looked beyond the mountain of CleganeBowl theories, (Sandor vs. The Mountain) to narrow down on the showdowns that absolutely deserve screentime before the series ends:

Cersei vs. Margaery

The two have had enough bad blood between them to fuel a dramatic reality series spinoff; factor in Margaery’s latest strike against the Dowager Queen by leading King Tommen ‘into the light,’ and you know that King’s Landing is due for a good ol’ fashioned, no-claws-barred catfight.

 Cersei Margaery Fight

Daario Naharis vs. Ser Jorah

Yes, we know, Daario. You don’t want to be the piece of shit who lost to an old man, nor the piece of shit who defeated an old man. Enough with the locker room talk and let’s get down to the bloody duel already.

 Daario Ser Jorah

Lady Olenna vs. High Sparrow

Word to the wise: Do not let her age fool you. Lady Olenna of High Garden is primed for a fight and she won’t go down without taking as many Septas as she can with her. Those in favour of an all-guns-blazing showdown with the High Sparrow as compared to her meek return to High Garden that the show fed us, say aye.

 Lady Olenna High Sparrow

Tyrion vs. Lord Varys

When they aren’t holding the fort and keeping Daenerys’ kingdom from hitting auto-destruct, Tyrion is one eunuch joke short of having an all-out brawl on his hands. No one loves a good joke more than us, but given how Varys’ enemies have a nasty habit of dropping dead, we foresee a drunken takedown in our near future.

 Lord Varys Tyrion

Gilly vs. Lord Randyll Tarly

Take those stilted heels away, give her a sword and our money would be on Gilly taking Lord Randyll down a notch or two, even as elsewhere Samwell fights a losing battle with finding a spine.

 Gilly Lord Randyll