There *is* such a thing as fool-proof winged liner

If there’s one make-up product that is truly versatile, it’s the eyeliner. A simple swipe of black or any other colour can make your eyes appear infinitely prettier. The challenge: getting your wings to match each other in one try. Bonus: If you get them to match and still make it to work on time.

Here’s the 101:

Shake it off:

Give the eyeliner bottle a good shake before you apply. This will make the formula smooth and break up any clumps, giving you clean, dark lines.

In excess:

winged liner

Before you start applying a liquid eyeliner, like MyGlamm’s Stay Defined, get excess product off the wand by swiping it across the edge of the bottle. Excess product just makes it messier to use.

Beginner’s luck:

For beginners, pencil eyeliners should be your introduction to the world of wings. It’s easy to manoeuvre, gives you much better control and is easy to build. MyGlamm’s celebrity makeup expert Namrata Soni recommends using a creamy pencil eyeliner like the Jet Set Eyes Kajal-Eyeliner from MyGlamm because it glides on effortlessly. “Always keep the tip sharp and clean,” advises Soni, if you want to create fine lines and accurate flicks.

Walk the line:


If you’re finding it hard to get your winged liner perfect, try Soni’s two-step trick. First, use a pencil liner to create a base shape along your upper lash line. Once you’re happy with the thickness and length, use it as a guideline to follow through with a liquid liner.

Clean act:


To avoid mess-ups with liquid liners, Soni suggests, “Starting at the centre of the lash line and then slowly move outwards and then inwards.” Use MyGlamm’s Wheelie Precision Eyeliner and Stylist that has an innovative rolling disc applicator in small strokes to create a single, unbroken line. “Line the skin at the brow bone with your thumb,” she explains, “and then precisely apply the eyeliner at the outer corners.”

Gel together:

For creating dramatic and elaborate eye art, Soni swears by a gel formula because it lasts long and has a rich colour payoff. The Jet Set Eyes Kajal-Eyeliner from MyGlamm is perfect because it gives a gel-like finish yet has the ease of a pencil.

Wrong turn:

Most eyeliners are never a one-swipe job. Mistakes and smudges are bound to occur. Soni recommends using Q-tips to clean the smudges and mistakes before the liner dries up completely. If the liner has dried, soak the Q-tip in makeup remover and fix the mistakes. To prevent freshly applied liner from leaving skid marks on your crease, Soni suggests, “Wait for 45 seconds with your eye closed till the liner is dry before moving on to the next eye.”

Get in line, people!

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