Why you can’t miss the Myntra Fashion Weekender Advertisement

Why you can’t miss the Myntra Fashion Weekender

Staying in this weekend just got a whole lot more fun

By Hasina Khatib  November 25th, 2016

If the cash crunch is keeping you from indulging in some good ol’ retail therapy, Myntra is here at your rescue. The e-commerce site has announced the first ever Myntra Fashion Weekender that doesn’t require you to get off your couch or rough it out in gigantic queues. (Which, if you ask us, is the best kind of Weekender.) The e-tailer is dishing out 48 hours straight of lightning deals, slashing 40-70% off price tags and handing out surprise gift cards, starting tonight till Sunday, 27th November. Confused where to begin? We tell you what to watch out for.

The bargain window which will require you to dig deep into your memory banks and recall all that your mother has taught you about the fine art of bargaining. If that perfect LBD is ever so slightly out of your price range, bid on it until you wear it down to your budget.


The surprise fortune cookies that pop up every 12 hours and carry 1.5 lakh worth of dough within. These nifty little things only last for two hours at a time, so keep your eyes peeled. The first one bursts at the stroke of midnight today.

Fortune Cookie

Loved Deepika’s sartorial choices in the new Myntra All About You campaign? Rhetorical question; who doesn’t? You can now shop the look of your favourite celebrities (we are talking Shraddha Kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Hrithik Roshan, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh) at the celeb booth with ease.

Celebrities copy

The special brand zones that bring you the bestsellers from all your favourite labels at some jaw-dropping prices.

Brand zone

Get the latest updates from the Myntra Fashion Weekender here and check out this sneak preview of what to expect: