Nachiket Barve teams up with The Woolmark Company on the Shawl Style Project Advertisement

Nachiket Barve teams up with The Woolmark Company on the Shawl Style Project make woollen shawls a 365-day affair

By ELLE team  February 15th, 2016

If you’ve felt guilty about pushing a pretty shawl to the back of your closet, only to reach for it on a wintery night, you’ll love designer Nachiket Barve’s attempt at making it a “365-day accessory”. The designer teamed up with The Woolmark Company on a unique initiative called the Shawl Style Project.

The aim

Barve created 35 pieces, with varying weights of Merino Wool fabric, with the goal of reinventing shawl from a dull “last-minute accessory you throw on to cover your outfit” to “something you can use to complement your look,” says Barve. The range features ombré-dyed fine shawls, geometric Aztec-inspired stoles, chubby throws as well as exquisitely woven floral Kani shawls.

The techniques

The line employs weaving, printing and embroidery. Plus, the line is suitably balanced – for every translucent “light gauzy weave” you’ll find a textured “compact twill weave”.

The motifs

“I have incorporated soaring Japanese cranes, floating ginkgo leaves and my rose leitmotif into the show to add a contemporary edge.”

The process

It was important for Barve to keep the process simple. He didn’t tinker with the rectangular format of the shawls very much, except to add buttons, zips, hooks or seams strategically, and turn the fabric around. “This eases the manufacturing process but also lets the wearer use the shawl in a versatile way. And also it’s size free” says Barve. 

Flip through the gallery to check out the line