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Name to know: Kavya Trehan

This singer-songwriter ad-libs songs about kittens and sandpit crushes

By Sonam Savlani  April 4th, 2014

Why does she call herself an “impromptu singer-songwriter”?

“I am genuinely bad with lyrics. I mess up my favourite songs. That’s why making up songs on the spot is so much fun,” says the 20-year-old, who sings about everyday experiences.

Does she have songs about buying milk and paying bills?

Not yet. But the psychology student does talk about her cats (whose “joint custody” she shares with her boyfriend) in the song called ‘Tag You’re It’.

So she sings. And?

…and she’s a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, who can do some pretty neat things with an acoustic guitar and a drum set. “When I was 14, I sneaked into my sister’s jam room while her band wasn’t around and took a crack at the drums.”

Where do I find her?

On Tehelka Music Project, for now, where she can be seen strumming a guitar in a playground. “It’s a song called ‘The Sandpit’ which I made up on the spot while recording for them. It’s about a crush I had when I was four years old.”