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Name to know: Romesh Ranganathan

This wickedly funny stand-up comedian shared the stage with Ricky Gervais

By ELLE team  May 29th, 2014

Meet Romesh Ranganathan, the Brit stand-up comedian – and former teacher – who opened for Ricky Gervais. And has even appeared on BBC’s epic giggle-fest Live at the Apollo. Here, he shares five of his quips which pretty much sum him up:

“Ten per cent of my comedy is based on me being Asian. The other 90 per cent is based on my issues with white people.”

“Football is so expensive. For the price of a single ticket I could take my whole family to a farm park, go on the donkeys and have lunch and tea. Which is why I watch football.”

“I’m all for stopping illegal immigration, particularly as all of my family are over here now.”

“People say, ‘I don’t know why you bother being vegetarian – meat will be eaten anyway,’ as if I believe that sausages can be re-released into the wild.”

“My wife is white, so my children are mixed race, and we like to play a game where we get the kids to pick a side.”

For more of the same, follow Romesh Ranganathan on Twitter @RomeshRanga. He’ll also be performing at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe between July 30 and August 24.