Name to know: Tajdar Junaid

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter is already bagging big votes. Academy Award-winning director Jeffrey Brown spotted him at a gig in Kolkata and instantly knew he wanted Junaid’s soulful brand of folk-rock. Junaid’s tracks will feature in Brown’s upcoming film, Sold, co-produced by actor Emma Thompson.

He has an affinity for unusual instruments like the charango, duduk, oud and glockenspiel (your guess is as good as ours – Google?), all of which feature on his first solo album, What Colour is Your Raindrop, which released late last year.

Junaid juggles genres (alliteration win). He was a guitarist with jazz and blues outfit Stella and rock band Cognac before forming his own folk band, Ruhaniyat.

Sold opens the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles on April 8.

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