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Name to know: Zoya Mohan

The self-produced singer-songwriter lives by the DIY philosophy

By Arshie Chevalwala  March 3rd, 2016

She’s always in the driver’s seat

The Berklee grad Kickstarter-funded and self-produced her debut album The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room, and lives by the DIY philosophy. “I signed with a label when I was 18, but didn’t release that album. It didn’t sound like me.”

She’s scanning for new sounds

A California native, Mohan returned to India last October to collaborate with local talent and add more texture to her sound. Now she blends folk instruments from around the world with her soft acoustics, and wanderlust-inspired lyrics (She’ll never roam where she’s meant to/Or ever come home when she’s told to).

She works the spotlight

Mohan, who has begun to feature on festival line-ups (she performed at the Nariyal Paani festival in Alibaug earlier this year) noticed how distracted gig audiences can be. So she found a way to bring their attention back to the stage via spoken word. In the middle of a song, Mohan stops the music short and begins to perform poetry, effectively snuffing out the stray chit-chat.

Update: Her new single ‘She Sells’ was released on March 29 on YouTube and was shot by Masoom Gandhi and Dipanker Sikder and edited by Arjun Bhardwaj and Arthur Johnson