Nap Dress- All You Need To Know About This Cosy Pandemic Trend Advertisement

Nap Dress- All You Need To Know About This Cosy Pandemic Trend

An outfit specifically to nap in? Take my money already!

By Ruman Baig  May 14th, 2021

The Nap Dress was designed by Nell Diamond, the C.E.O. of Hill House Home, a New York-based brand. It’s not your average nightgown, but it also isn’t your party uniform. Keeping her own aesthetic in mind, Nell created a billowy silhouette in a breathable material, infused smock detail on the bodice for the above-waist zoom illusion and added the perfect amount of volume below for an afternoon siesta.

Nap dress

Why Is It Trending? 

The designer coined this silhouette before the pandemic engulfed our lives, but the lockdown situation became the catalyst in making her cheeky idea popular. Inspired by her personal style, which she refers to as a Victorian ghost, the silhouette is an extension of her own sartorial sense. In 2016, Diamond started her business with a bedding line. Fast forward to 2019; she introduced the concept of nap dresses. Different styles including a short version with puffy sleeves, a sheath number with ruffle details and one with a dramatic skirt and smocked neck. They come in various patterns like stripes, gingham and polka dots.

nap dress
Nell Diamond in a gingham nap dress 

How To Incorporate This Trend? 

The dress is essentially influenced by the leisure dressing style of the regency era. After spending their days in corsets and crinolines, the ladies would change into these comfortable frocks with ruffles and smocks. If you’re done wearing your sweats and joggers while working from home; and are looking for an equally cosy alternative that looks pretty on the eyes, this is for you. Even if you don’t have the actual nap dress, here are the silhouettes that will do the deed.

1. Modern Milkmaid Dress 

Nap dress

This would make for a perfect silhouette to nap in but also make a grocery run in. it’s the modern-day milkmaid dress with the signature puffed up sleeves, floral print, sweetheart neckline and a thigh-high slit.

2. Mini Cottagecore 

A short frock-styled dress in gingham print (or any other of your choice) with balloon sleeves and ruffle detail on the neckline. This cutesy silhouette fits the nap-in what-you-work-in brand and looks pretty even for the video call dates.

3. Drop-waist Dress

This style even has the Posh Spice nod of approval. A drop-waist dress is a functional yet feminine silhouette. You can have a big lunch, nap in it and wake up looking ready for an evening gossip session with your buddies over tea on call. It is chic yet utilitarian; isn’t that the ultimate purpose?

4. Oversized Tent Dress 

It’s all in the name; this kind of dress is what summer dressing dreams are made of. Pick a cotton/linen tent dress with your choice of quirky print and colour, and it will be your very own nap dress. Additional points for the ones that come with pockets, they can be used as built-in storage for instant snacking. Great idea? Follow me for more healthy hacks.