Narayan Jewellers and Forevermark collaborate with Bibhu Mohapatra for NYFW 2020

Photographs: IMG

To kick off its milestone 80th year in business, Narayan Jewellers debuted The Empress Collection, during New York Fashion Week, designed in partnership with Forevermark and Bibhu Mohapatra.

Mohapatra’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection was inspired by the modern Indian woman. Drawing from prominent female figures through all facets of Indian culture, along with influence from the strong women in the designer’s life, his collection wove together a narrative of the modern Bibhu woman.

Photograph: Forevermark

Intrigued by the progress women have made since India’s independence 72 years ago, the designer’s Fall/Winter collection examined the evolution of Indian women. Influenced by Indian poet Amrita Pritam’s novel Pinjar, a story of a young Indian woman named Paro, who is abducted by a man, set against the backdrop of the Partition, the collection is a celebration of today’s resilient women, who demonstrate their strength and courage against all odds. Infused with traditional Indian crafts from the world of textiles and arts along with modern architectural silhouettes, his pieces incorporated bold colours and texture.

Photograph: Forevermark

Taking inspiration from Mohapatra’s luxe design, the Empress Collection from Narayan jewellers also communicated the qualities of a modern Indian woman, while imbibing the essence of the Pritam’s Pinjar in the designs. The collection featured natural elements such as flowers, dew drops, the sun, moon, and stars.

Photograph: Forevermark

The diamond-studded line introduced new designs, including ear climbers and ear jackets, in addition to signature styles of the brand, which include chandelier and asymmetrical earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets. The intricately crafted pieces, all feature responsibly sourced Forevermark diamonds, embedded on 18 karat white and rose gold.

Photograph: Anna Vivare

“Narayan Jewellers’ legacy has always been about building traditions, generation after generation, with a contemporary outlook just like that of the House of Bibhu Mohapatra. We strive to design pieces that could one day become an heirloom to future generations but are reflective of modern times and themes,” says designer and co-owner Jatin Chokshi, Narayan Jewellers.

2020 marked the fifth year of collaboration between Bibhu Mohapatra , Narayan Jewellers and Forevermark.


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