Natasha Poonawalla is India’s first lady of fabulousness

Natasha Poonawalla isn’t just the Executive Director of one of the largest vaccine manufacturing companies in the world — she’s also a philanthropist, Director of Villoo Poonawalla Racing and Breeding Pvt Ltd, Director of the Poonawalla Science Park and the owner of the finest collection of couture we’ve ever seen. This bosslady wears a lot of hats, and not just to the races.

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And while the writers of The Big Bang Theory would have you believe that women with Masters of Science degrees wear dorky glasses and don’t understand fashion, Natasha Poonawalla would walk all over that stereotype in her Valentino Rockstud pumps. Simply put, she’s fabulous.

She could take over as creative director at a fashion house and we wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised. Conventional is just a word in the dictionary for Natasha — from tassels to sequins and ruffles, the women has played with more texture and styles than designers can invent.

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She’s not just a fashion enthusiast, we’re pretty sure she gets (and gives) style advice from the greats themselves. Natasha is on a first name basis with fashion’s biggest icons, from photographer Mario Testino to designers like Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele.

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Between running multiple business and looking fly as hell, she’s also managed build a fiercely loyal circle of friends with Bollywood’s IT girls. Together, they form a fashion army that could shut down most runways. Poonawalla is in attendance at every Bollywood party and dinner, from intimate dinners to big paparazzi blowouts where she rocks the red carpets in tailor-made couture.

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Despite having the most covetable wardrobe in India, being an accomplished businesswoman and basically dominating every frame she’s ever snapped in, we love that Natasha doesn’t take herself too seriously. The lady’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humour is possibly her coolest quality.

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