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Need Kardashian rehab?

3 compelling reasons to block all mention of the K-clan from your newsfeed

By Deepa Menon  May 8th, 2015

According to James Shamsi, who came up with the idea of KardBlock, the reason we’re not engaging with real news is that we’re constantly distracted by Kardashian updates. To wrest attention away from them and onto more worthy subjects, just sign up for a beta version of this Ad Block-like programme that filters out all information about the family that generates a big chunk of the internet’s most viral, click-baity content. And you better do it now, because 2015 looks like the year of the Kardashians—as has every year since 2007—because…

Selfish has hit the shelves. Kim’s hardcover photography book is an autobiography told through selfies. It includes pictures from her childhood, her one-time friendship with Paris Hilton and the nudes leaked from her phone last year.

Kimye turns one. The couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary this month. Cue endless speculation about how and where.

Khloe katches up. Fans are concerned that Khloe Kardashian’s butt might be getting smaller. Tabloids have reported that her ex-husband hooked up with her mother. And later this year, she will publish a book with “how-to advice and lifestyle tips to help women create strength and beauty in their lives.” Enough said. No, really.

To block this and other news you don’t care about but can’t stop clicking on, sign up for KardBlock here