6 negative calorie foods that help you lose weight while eating Advertisement

6 negative calorie foods that help you lose weight while eating

Foods that perform above and beyond the call of duty

By ELLE team  November 23rd, 2017

Eating while losing weight is what most people dream about after 30 seconds in a plank. While you won’t find a cupcake doing you any favours, there are a few good guys out there looking to help you stay in shape when you don’t have time to hit the gym. Food that has less calories than the amount of energy you use — from chewing, to digesting, to excretion — to process it.

While there isn’t scientific evidence to support that a stick of celery is actually doing the workout for you, there is scientific evidence to prove that it has a high thermic effect. Which means that it boosts metabolism, adds fibre and helps speed up the calorie burning process. They also fill you up, which prevents you from eating all that heavy calorie stuff that isn’t doing anything for you at your desk.

6 negative calorie foods to add to your diet


Lettuce AKA the foundation of any decent salad has a higher water content than other leafy vegetables. This, with the fibre content, is bound to get things started internally.


Despite being sweet, watermelon is mostly just water and roughage. So not only will it satiate your sugar cravings, thanks to its minerals and vitamins, but it also ensures proper functioning of insulin, lowering the blood sugar level.


High in fibre and low on calories, broccoli is working overtime to flush out your system.


While chillies aren't exactly something you can eat raw, they do add flavour. And that added flavour comes with a boosted metabolism. Spicy foods spike your metabolism for hours after you're done eating them. 


The food that made negative calories popular. Celery has high water content and extremely low calorie content, it's also high in fibre and boosts metabolism. 


Low in calories but high in nutrients, grapefruits are what you need to help promote dietary functioning.