Netflix India's beautiful Valentine's Day video will tug at your heartstrings Advertisement

Netflix India’s beautiful Valentine’s Day video will tug at your heartstrings

Love is love is love

By ELLE team  February 14th, 2019

It’s impossible not to break into a smile (and keep grinning) while watching Netflix India’s Valentine’s Day special video. No, seriously. You could be an out-and-out cynic but the 2-minute-26-second video (directed by Reema Sengupta and set to music by Aditi Dot) will still hit you right in the feels. A super cute love story, the video follows the journey of two young men who just happen to sit next to each other in a metro train. The video takes you through the first time they set eyes on each other, their first date, moving in together and even their first fight — driving home the fact that a heterosexual and homosexual relationship have the same milestones. On the first Valentine’s Day after Section 377 was struck down by the Supreme Court, let’s remember to celebrate a love that is inclusive. 

Make sure you watch the video till the end; there’s a little twist.