9 life-shattering problems our generation faces that didn’t exist 10 years ago

If time travellers decide to visit 2017 from the early 2000s, then it’s safe to say that they would have a hard time relating to some of our most pressing problems. These problems, an addition to the already long list of less important issues like gender equality and climate change, have plagued a generation of millennials and are as real as the threat of another Ranbir Kapoor movie where he plays a man child who discovers his true destiny in a picturesque European town.

So if you are said time traveler, or any human being with a few seconds to spare, then check out our well-researched list of life-shattering issues that didn’t exist a decade ago.

9 real-life problems that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Not getting enough likes on that carefully planned profile picture within 10 seconds of posting it.

scream queens arianna grande 

Accidentally double tapping on an Instagram post featuring that cute guy you’re stalking… from 50 weeks ago.

deepika computer

Consulting WebMD to figure out why your palm is itching and discovering you have a brain tumour.

dr spaceman2

Going into full panic mode because your phone just has 5% battery remaining. And there’s no charger in sight.


The ‘Smartphone face’.

texting gif

Casually clicking on that Facebook ad for a flash sale and realising you’ve spent your inheritance in under 2 hours.

penny laptop problem

Struggling to find the right emoji for the right emotion.


Having to ask for the WiFi password if you go someplace new.

office wifi

Violently murdering your childhood best friend because she posted a Game Of Thrones spoiler on your timeline.

tina fey spoilers2

Life is tough. 

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