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International Yoga Day: 6 fascinating new-age yoga practices you need to try

Yoga on a surfboard? Yes, please

By Shweta Gandhi  June 21st, 2018

The purpose of practicing yoga — whether it’s a traditional style or some newfangled trend — is to harmonise your mind and attune it with your body and spirit. While the classical style is purely based on the philosophies and teachings of ancient sages and aims to help you attain the highest state of self-awareness, new-age yoga forms borrow certain postures from the traditional style and use experimental approaches that will appeal to the younger generation who are targeting fitness.

“If you’re looking for a fitness challenge — no matter if you’re a novice, at an intermediary level, or are an expert — or are simply looking to add some fun to your fitness regimen, experiment with the newer forms of yoga,” says Sandeep Agarwalla, head of yoga at Ananda In The Himalayas. “Not only are they entertaining, but they also integrate the teachings of traditional yoga.”

Celebrity yoga instructor Anshuka Parwani, founder of Anshuka Yoga, agrees: “The goal is the same — to tune in, achieve more awareness and be present.” Anshuka, whose clientele includes the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Malaika Arora, offers classes in FlyFit which combines aerial yoga, aerial Pilates and aerial fitness into one power-packed full-body workout. Malaika, who also happens to be Reebok’s fitness ambassador, regularly practices aerial yoga as well as the traditional Suryanamaskars. “I believe it is always good to be practicing a fusion as both forms have great benefits for the body and the mind,” she says.

6 new-age yoga forms to try:

Aerial yoga

AKA anti-gravity yoga. Yes, it may look like an impossible feat, but Anshuka believes that anyone (including those who've never exercised before) can attempt an inversion. The style originated in New York, and combines the traditional yoga poses with Pilates and dance through the use of hammocks. Malaika, who trains under Anshuka, is quite passionate about this style. "Aerial yoga is an exhilarating activity as it needs core-building and focus of the technique of flying and suspension," she says.

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Yogalates is a fusion workout of yoga and pilates that combines the flexibility of pilates and the strength of yoga. Anshuka, who teaches yogalates, says, "Yogalates is a full-body workout that aims to lengthen and strengthen your body; and all you need to begin is a yoga mat."

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SUP Yoga

AKA Stand-up paddle board yoga, this form of yoga is done on a surf board. "Though it's very hard to practice this in Mumbai, if you happen to be travelling to Goa or Chennai, you can try your hand at it," says Anshuka, who tried it at Dubai. "It's a challenging workout, but it's definitely more fun to do yoga on water. Practicing it in nature brings you right to the roots of yoga. Though I would recommend intermediate and advanced yoga students to attempt yoga poses like the adho mukha svanasana (downward-facing dog pose), beginners can try pranayama (breathing exercises) or even meditate."

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Yoga wheel

The hollow, circular-shaped accessory has become 2018's favourite prop used while practicing yoga asanas to aid flexibility and help you strengthen your body, especially your core. "Forms like these are a great way to get the youth involved, as it makes for a fascinating practice and engages those who're new to yoga," says Anshuka. 

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Acroyoga combines the best of yoga and acrobatics. "This is done with a partner, and if you're a beginner or an intermediate, it's best practiced with someone who is a certified yoga practitioner," says Sandeep. Acroyoga helps you focus more on getting your posture right, helps you build trust between you and your partner and makes learning acroyoga a shared experience.

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Aqua yoga

This one's pretty self-explanatory — aqua yoga is practiced in a body of water, and since water has buoyancy, it helps you hold a stretch for longer. "Exercising in water is relatively easy as it helps tone muscles and provides relief to those suffering from joint ailments as well as spine problems," says Anshuka. And with the temperatures only rising higher, we're all in for this one.

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