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5 exciting new launches from your favourite designers

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By Shweta Gandhi  November 9th, 2017

Innovation never ends, especially in the fashion industry. Season after season, designers seek inspiration to put together collections that offer something new. Flip the pages of your history books and you will see this trend existing right from the start of time — Coco Chanel, who began as a fashion designer, slowly and steadily added perfume (the iconic Chanel No. 5 is still popular today), diamond jewellery and leather bags to her portfolio. Another example is that of the brand Louis Vuitton, which originally started out making luggage trunks. A couple of years down the line, Mr Vuitton had introduced leather bags, purses and wallets, and today, the luxury house — which is officially the world’s most valuable fashion brand — has a massive range of products that includes prêt-à-porter, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories and sunglasses.

So, here we bring you 5 new offerings by fashion labels that have no qualms with experimentation.

1. Shoes by Shivan & Narresh 

The duo’s Araki collection that was recently presented at the Amazon India Fashion Week introduced their newest launch — a line of footwear featuring clogs and mules. Each piece matches the botanical, animal and bird-inspired prints of the SS ’18 collection. Got a beach wedding to attend? You know where to shop.

 2. Candles by Nimish Shah

Shift by Nimish Shah is known for its use of organic, fair trade and natural fibres as well as artisanal handloom. Now, the designer has launched a line of handcrafted candles. The hand-poured soy candles have a musky base note and come with a box that’s inspired by traditional Indian ledgers. Just what we need for a romantic candle-light dinner.

Shift by Nimish Shah 

3. Fragrance by Gaurav Gupta

In collaboration with perfumer Jahnvi Lakhota Nandan of The Perfume Library, the designer has taken a plunge into the perfume industry with Again, Eau de Parfum, a unisex fragrance. “Within the fantasy of the forest, the wetness of the soil and antennae of the beetle, it is within the realms of this abstract air that Again takes birth,” Gaurav said in an Instagram post.

Perfume Gaurav Gupta

4. Trolley by Fendi x Rimova

Collaborating with German label Rimova — a global leader in the premium luggage segment — the Italian luxury brand has announced the launch of a one-of-a-kind trolley. Featuring its signature double FF logo, the trolley can be personalised through the leather name tag and stickers. Time for a vacation…

02 FENDI and RIMOWA trolley

5. The Peacock Magazine by Falguni and Shane Peacock

The new world order dictates that digital is the only way out — so why restrict yourself to designing when you can write about your creations in your very own magazine? “We came up with the concept of The Peacock Magazine as a platform to reach out to our digital fan base,” said Falguni and Shane Peacock, confirming our thoughts. With Sonakshi Sinha as the cover girl and renowned names like Anaita Shroff Adajania, Yasmin Karachiwala and Mohit Rai featured, The Peacock Magazine shows potential. Explore the magazine here.

sonakshi sinha 2