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7 niche luxury perfumes to buy before everybody else

FYI, they're unisex

By Meg Bellemore  August 11th, 2017

Perfumes are supposed ton be personal, but more often than not, there are a million people out there already wearing your favourite fragrance. We know which fragrances sell out the most, the scents celebrities repeat-buy, and of course, which designer perfumes suit a range of occasions, but the scents we’re most set on in investing in are a little less unexpected and not as common. Agonist Parfums from Sweden makes unisex fragrances from natural ingredients, while the Carnal Flower EDP from Frederic Malle (the grandson of Serge Heftier, founder of Dior perfumes) is completely intoxicating.  

These genderless, artisan fragrances feature few, but very fine ingredients that seduce the senses, providing a timeless signature. We would hurry up and invest in one before everyone discovers your secret. 

7 under-the-radar artisan perfumes 

Agonist Parfums

This Swedish perfume house creates niche, unisex fragrances from natural ingredients. Onyx Pearl is a favourite of the couple who founded the range. 

Onyx Pearl EDP, Rs 22,000 (approx). Get it here 

Costume National

The Italian fashion house do scent as well as they do style. 

Scent EDP By Costume National, 30ml, Rs. 3,073 (approx). Buy it here

Frederic Malle

As the grandson of Serge Heftier (founder of Dior perfumes), Frederic Malle was born to create the unique, luxury fragrances that are now sought-after the world-over. 

Described as "Tuberose bathed in sunlight," this sensual scent is completely intoxicating. 

Editions De Parfums By Frédéric Malle, Carnal Flower EDP, Rs 21,366. Get it here

Miller et Bertaux

Originally crafted in Paris by creatives Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, each scent has a special story behind it. Their original scents have base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood, making them ideal for fragrance layering. 

(For You) Parfum Trouve 1 EDP (left), Rs 10,028 (approx). Get it here


Alessandro Gaultieri is the nose behind Nasomatto, Orto Parisi, and MariaLux. One the newest and most-powerful fragrances from Nasomatto perfumes and cologne is Absinth for men and women. 

Absinth Parfum Extrait, Rs 11,590 (approx). Get it here

Map Of The Heart

“This is a voyage into the hyper real narcotic floral world of the mythical lotus eaters.” Perfume stories like this, coupled with a unique bottle design, make Map of The Heart one of the fragrance families we admire most. 

Pink Heart EDP, 90ml, Rs 12,598 (approx). Buy it here

Determined to elevate India's treasure trove of scents on the global stage, Manan Gandhi of Bombay Perfumery set about blending notes like coriander seeds and hot milk accord into his perfumes. And with names like Chai Musk, Calicut and Seven Islands, you'll want to wear this one with pride. 

Seven Islands, Rs 4,000.

Buy it here

From: ELLE Australia