Nihira fuses your favourite Indian sweets with spirits Advertisement

Nihira fuses your favourite Indian sweets with spirits

Old Monk halwa and red wine-infused laddus, just saying

By ELLE team  December 12th, 2019

If there’s a stereotype surrounding Indian sweets, Nihira, a company founded by the duo Arshya and Subha Aggarwal, is breaking it. The contemporary Indian brand is giving celebrations a new hallmark with sweets that aren’t just delectable but also stylish.

It all started in 2017 when Arshya and Subha wanted to create something unfamiliar while creating a broader platform for Indian sweets­—all while maintaining the brand’s authenticity, aesthetic appeal and familiarity with Indian taste. This is the reason why each one of Nihira’s hamper is like Pandora’s box.

So of course, one will find ubiquitous sweets like the classic laddus or barfis but the brand also has a range of boozy delights. From laddus fused with red wine, champagne, whiskey, sambuca and Jägerbomb to mulled wine and Old Monk halwa, all of their creations have a never-tasted-before feel to it.

The minimal packaging is giving Indian sweets a modern makeover and each box has an assortment of these celebratory confections. Perfect for party favours, weddings or even Indian festivals, Nihira’s unforgettable fusion desserts have bowled us over.