The new Nike ACG collection will eliminate your travel wardrobe woes Advertisement

The new Nike ACG collection will eliminate your travel wardrobe woes

A minimalist's dream

By Rochelle Pinto  April 13th, 2018

Mine is a backpacker’s approach to travelling. Fuss-free, versatile and — in my grandmother’s words — always ready to rise to the occasion. Which is why the in-transit wardrobe is always tricky. Fluctuating temperatures, ever-shrinking airline seats and a ‘random checking’ all feature high on the no-fly list, and the idea of dragging around multiple layers is about as appealing as airline food. And that’s how, on a recent trip to Canada for a cousin’s wedding, the new Nike ACG collection came to my rescue. 

Crafted by the cool kids at NikeLab with the mantra ‘to serve and protect’, the combo consisted of a pair of ACG tech woven pants and a fleece crew jumper that envelops your body like a protective cocoon. Shell-like in structure but surprisingly pliable, the androgynous silhouette certainly requires some getting used to. But if your approach to fashion is function over form, you will not be disappointed. The jumper kept me cool in Mumbai’s 32 degree summer but also managed to hold its own against -4 degrees of bone-chilling temperature we encountered upon exiting the airport in Vancouver (albeit for a few minutes, it’s not magic).

Even 20 hours of flying didn’t defeat its integrity, so the garments arrived in pretty much the same condition as when they began their journey.

The physical condition of the wearer… less so.

Nike ACG Collection 5 pants