You can now customise every inch of your Nike sneakers Advertisement

You can now customise every inch of your Nike sneakers

Listen up, sneakerheads

By Neville Bhandara  November 17th, 2016

At the forefront of sneaker innovation for decades, Nike has consistently introduced interesting concepts to the athleisure segment — Nike+ Run Club, for instance, has a huge fan following in India.

Speaking of innovation, the brand has just announced the India launch of, their 24-hour online service that’s aiming to shake up the sneaker market.


ELLE was invited to Nike’s Singapore HQ for a preview — and what we saw left us lusting. For starters, opens up a whole new range of shoes to the Indian market. Sign up and create your NikeiD, then witness as the world of customisation opens up to you. You’re going to get a chance to decide on every single aspect of your shoe. screenshot


Choose between base material, colour, or style as your starting point and buckle up. Once you have a basic shoe in place, you can change everything from the midsole to the heel logo. You can even add text if you’re the kind who fancies a pair of monogrammed Nikes.




The site’s minimal interface also acts as the perfect canvas to create your own work of art, because that’s what the final product will be: an intensely personal piece of art that you might just want to display rather than wear. That’s how we felt when we got the chance to be one of the first few Indians to design their own pair. If you’re a true footwear fanatic, this is as good as it gets.