Nike just completely redesigned its sports bra Advertisement

Nike just completely redesigned its sports bra

Sports bra that changes the game for its counterparts

By Hannah Morrill  July 14th, 2017

A sports bra is a sports bra is a sports bra. Ideally, it keeps your breasts in place while you workout—beginning and end of story. But today Nike launched its first sports bra made with the patented fancy Flyknit fabric—the Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra—and kiiiind of changed the game.

The Flyknit Bra promises to both holds its shape and provide targeted zones of enhanced support and breathability: The fabric under your breasts, for instance, should be both more absorbent and quick-to-dry than the zones on your shoulders. Two single-layer panels (some Nike bras have up to 41 panels and 22 seams) work to both keep your breasts separated—this both isn’t easy, and prevents Ye Olde Uni-boob—and hold them firmly but comfortably against your body. Figuring all this out took 600 hours of biometric testing, motion capture, and digital body scans to monitor areas of high heat, sweat, cooling and movement, Nike said in a statement.

If you’re a clothing design engineer, the impressive part is that they’ve managed to do all these things with just Flyknit’s patented nylon-spandex yarn, and nary a wire, pad, stabilizer or elastic band in sight. If you’re a lady who wears sports bras, you’ll just appreciate how well the damn thing does what it’s supposed to do, especially if your cup size is in the C-DD range.

The Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra goes on sale for in the Nike+ app for 48 hours starting today; after that, you can buy one on