30 Indian jewellery designers are headed to New York this June Advertisement

30 Indian jewellery designers are headed to New York this June

Nimai is going global

By ELLE team  May 29th, 2017

New Yorkers, there’s a slew of lust-inducing jewellery brands from India headed your way. Multi-designer label Nimai just announced a showcase of contemporary jewellery in The Big Apple, in collaboration with jewellery designer Deepa Gurnani, The Fashion Edit and NEST.

Nimai is known to feature designers who experiment with an eclectic mix of materials like wood, concrete, industrial waste and discarded watch parts. This showcase aims to introduce these eclectic designs to a global audience. Among the list of 30 names is Elle Graduates star Misho Designs, along with Suhani Pittie, Eina Ahluwalia, Outhouse, Zariin, Metallurgy and more.

Supporting Nimai’s efforts are The Fashion Edit, a store founded by New York-based stylist Sadia Majeed, and the Nest, US-based non-profit organization that helps artisans across the world build and develop their skills.

Exploring Nimai’s New York showcase

Metallurgy at Nimai
Baby Baniya at Nimai
Deepa Gurnani at Nimai
Metallurgy at Nimai
Miranika at Nimai

The Indian Contemporary Jewellery Showcase is happening on June 1,2017 at Deepa Gurnani’s New York showroom.