Nimrat Kaur for Titan Raga Advertisement

Nimrat Kaur for Titan Raga

The classiest way to put a jerk in his place

By Deepa Menon  December 24th, 2014

Even the hint of a smirk after Nimrat Kaur’s character delivers her putdown to a chauvinist ex would have diluted the effect of this ad. Happily, she pitches it just right. This is exactly how you’d want to come off in an encounter with an ex — classy, in control and devastating.

The earlier Titan Raga ads, like the one with Nandana Sen or Katrina Kaif, encouraged you to see women as sexy watch mannequins. The one with Gul Panag was well-intentioned, but heavy-handed. This one, however, is bang-on — it makes a point with a light touch. It establishes context, history and personalities with a few crisp lines of dialogue. She gets the last word and it has all the elegant precision and satisfaction of one tight slap.