Nirav Modi launches his Mumbai boutique Advertisement

Nirav Modi launches his Mumbai boutique

The designer who works magic with diamonds is making his million dollar jewels accessible

By ELLE team  March 14th, 2015

According to Forbes, jewellery designer Nirav Modi’s net worth hovers in billions. He’s found a way to place several diamonds on an intricate lattice framework such that it reduces the weight of the necklace by half. Which is explains why his pieces fetch millions of dollars at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. His super exclusive designs were – so far – sold out of his Mumbai salon and a freshly-minted Delhi boutique. Now, he’s launching a Mumbai boutique.

It will feature the new Lotus collection, the campaign for which stars our March cover girl Lisa Haydon. “I saw Claude Monet’s painting ‘Water Lilies’ many years ago and then visited the Giverney gardens, the inspiration for the painting, more recently. I was moved by Monet’s rendition, and decided to create an interpretation of the Lotus, a flower with spiritual importance in India,” says Modi. His take of course is rendered in pink diamonds and a bouquet of rose-cut diamonds.

The other pieces to look out for are the ‘Embrace’ bangles (part of his USP), which are crafted with more than 800 moving parts that stretch and contract, and thousands of diamonds. The unlikely inspiration? Cheap elastic bracelets. “When I saw my daughters playing with these  and I wanted to create a fun jewel that also embodies a deeper emotional connect with the woman.”

Soon after the Mumbai store, you can expect even bigger news: Modi will be launching a boutique on Madison Avenue, in June, and Hong Kong right after. “It’s where we already have brand awareness among jewellery connoisseurs as a result of our jewels being featured in Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions held in those cities,” he adds.

Available at Nirav Modi, ITTS House, Saibaba Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai. Tel: 022 3010 6000