Award-winning writer and director Nisha Ganatra pens a heartfelt letter to her mother Advertisement

Award-winning writer and director Nisha Ganatra pens a heartfelt letter to her mother

Her biggest inspiration

By Nisha Ganatra  April 16th, 2019

Emmy-nominated writer and Golden Globe-winning director Nisha Ganatra writes to her biggest inspiration—her mother. Here is the text:

When I think of what love is, what love means, I often think of how you raised us with love. How there was never a doubt in my mind that you loved me and my brother and that we were the most important people in the world to you. You came from the smallest of villages in the Himalayan foothills, your dreams of love so incredibly different from my American dreams of love. When your father let you down, and, years later, when my father let you down, you still made sure your children felt love. When your family and friends shunned you because divorce was not something “good” women allowed to happen, you still chose love. You chose to protect us rather than cave to rules that asked you to stay with a man who no longer had love for you or your children. You chose to love friends and family by forgiving them when they finally came to understand the dilemma you faced. Years after that, when I told you I was never going to marry a man because I loved women, you chose to tell me you love me and that nothing would ever change that. Even though you again suffered the humiliation of ignorant friends and family, you still chose love. The only love you did not pursue was your love for cinemas and acting. You chose a safer road. But because you chose to be safe, I was given a foundation to soar + risk choosing because our collective love for movies. For all the Bollywood numbers you taught me, for all the weekends you spent watching three movies in a row with me, for taking me to my 1st acting class, to being the guest of honor at my movie premier and the best Emmy date… thank you.

For showing me how, no matter what, to always choose love. I love you. Your legacy of love will continue for generations and generations to come.



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From left: Nisha Ganatra with her mother and brother

Here is the original letter:

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