Noise-free hair dryer? Sounds like a dream Advertisement

Noise-free hair dryer? Sounds like a dream

Dyson’s first-ever hair dryer just put every other one out of business

By Anjan Sachar  April 28th, 2016

The Dyson Supersonic, the UK-based vacuum cleaner company’s step into the beauty world, just reinvented the decade-old concept of hair dryers. They have created the world’s first-ever noise-less hair dryer, which means you can actually have a conversation while using it. So how does it exactly work? The small coin-size motor creates ultrasonic sound waves, that aren’t audible to humans. Plus, it comes with a nifty doughnut-shaped head that drastically reduces its size and weight (almost 300 gms lighter than your standard one). It’s list of accomplishments continues, as Dyson claims it doesn’t overheat (no more head burns!) and comes with three magnetic attachments to smoothen and diffuse hair. It’ll break the bank (it costs approximately Rs 27,000), but if you’re a frequent dryer, it’s worth the splurge. While they don’t have an India release date just yet, it launches in Japan and the UK this June. Adding this to our holiday shopping list stat!