6 major reasons why you’re not losing weight

“Losing weight can seem very tough. Sometimes you feel like you’re doing everything right and still don’t get desired results,” says fitness trainer Ramona Braganza. According to her, you may actually be hindering your progress by following misguided or outdated advice. “At times people unnecessarily pressurize themselves with unrealistic goals without proper consultations and guidance,” she adds.

Fitness and nutrition expert Tripti Gupta calls this ‘plateauing’. “It usually happens when you alternate between punishing diets and binge trips for a long time. This kind of a ‘yo-yo’ treatment makes the body unresponsive. It doesn’t react to any new stimulants given, whether in form of exercise or diet,’ she says.

We consulted the experts and figured out all the reasons why you might not be losing weight despite your best efforts.

6 reasons why you’re not losing weight

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