Decoding your November 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your November 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate the month

By Ashtar Tashi  November 2nd, 2018

Your November 2018 horoscope sees a lot of important planetary positions this month, changing on specific days. Jupiter has been in Scorpio for almost 13 months and now it enters Sagittarius on November 8. This move will allow us to broaden our horizon and it will help us build relationships. On November 6, Uranus (which is in retrograde) will enter Aries and will help us break old habits. It’s a new moon on November 7, which is a good time for fulfilling desires and creating the experiences you want.

On November 15, you are going to be in an hesitating mood. You will be weak and confused in your mind. Don’t judge yourself or be too harsh, just be easy on yourself and have a sense of humour. On November 16, there will be a play between Venus and Libra — since they are planets that represent beauty and love, you will be interested in art and creativity. November 22 will pull you into religion and spirituality. November 23 is all about speaking your mind, so watch your words and choose them wisely. Meanwhile, November 24 is the time for you to turn your dreams into reality. Read on to find out more about your zodiac sign.

Your November horoscope is here:


Virgo, heal yourself and give out the same vibe to others in November. Show your most sensitive and nurturing side. People will expect more from you. You will have responsibilities in your personal life, relationships and even at your work. You will be an adviser and a healer for others.

Tip of the month: Make yourself available to help and heal others.


Leo, remain grounded this month. Do not come much into the public eye or try to show off. Just be calm and sweet. Be agile and flexible like a cat — this will invite other people to come close to you and embrace you with love.

Tip of the month: Remain grounded and invite people into your life with love.


Taurus, you might feel left alone with no support system but you know how to stand for yourself. Contemplate on why you feel so; you might be being arrogant or adamant about your decision. Make the best of this situation, and look at its positive side. Believe in your intuition without waiting for someone else to come and help you out. Go and do things that you thought you couldn't do. Become fearless.

Tip of the month: Trust your own intuition and take decision.


Libra, this month is about looking at your personal interests/beliefs and understanding them. Look after people who are close to you and bring them closer with your words and deeds. Understand the value of keeping your people close to you.

Tip of the month: Protect and love all that is precious to you.


Sagittarius, purify your mind this month. Watch your thoughts; do not let it add impurity to your positive thoughts. Remain optimistic; circumstances will annoy you sometimes, but maintain that peace of mind through meditation, eating healthy and talking to people with a positive mindset. 

Tip of the month: Purify your mind, body and spirit.


Gemini, this month is all about becoming gentle. Don't give in to aggression; watch your tongue and your moves. Don't get too extreme by throwing tantrums. Learn to go by the flow and not judge. Keep yourself calm like water. Playing and spending more time in water will help you reach that state.

Tip for the month: Stay cool and stay distant from all kinds of aggressive behaviour.


Cancer, this month, be a little more sensitive to yourself and to others. Stay away from situations, habits and behaviours that agitate you. You may become over-reactive to everything. Be in awareness that you can control your sensitivity. If you have any food that gives you an unusual reaction, stay away from it.

Tip of the month: Be kind and sensitive to yourself.


Aquarius, be childlike this month. Observe yourself when you are silent. You need to learn how to have fun. Start shedding your baggage; become light headed and light minded. Smile a lot more, and start laughing more. It's time for you to be happy like a child.

Tip of the month: Become childlike. 


Scorpio, open up your heart, mind and spirit this month. Talk and share your thoughts with new people. Make new friends; go out and have fun with them. Being in nature can help you too — go for a run or a walk to make yourself enjoy nature. Use this time to be outdoors as much as possible and step out of your comfort zone.

Tip of the month: Go out there and explore more possibilities.


Pisces, November gives you opportunities to become more compassionate towards yourself. Make it a month of giving to others and to yourself. Be honest and do it without any expectations. Share your smile and hugs more often with others. Look after yourself.

Tip of the month: Love yourself and others unconditionally.


Aries, go with the flow, and do not try to resist anything that is happening. Understand that this too shall pass. Move along in every situation and take it as it is. Don't try and shift too much or be dramatic about it. Acceptance is important for you this month in your relationships. Love might be challenging, so don't try to fight too much. Take everything with a pinch of salt and accept everything with humility.

Tip of the month: Trust the process.



Capricorn, this month is all about you going out there and being bold. Overcome your fear and do things you never thought you could do, even if that means trying a new cuisine. November is the month to take the risk and overcome your complexities. Reach out and grab opportunities in your both personal and professional life.

Tip of the month: Become fearless; take a risk.