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This month’s new releases are for every state of mind

By ELLE team  April 8th, 2015

Shlohmo’s Dark Red (April 7) for friendless Friday nights
The LA producer mines an ’80s electronic vibe courtesy his “dad’s old gear”. His record is “violent”, in his own understated way. 


Nadine Shah’s Fast Food (April 6) for when you feel bangle-breaking melancholy
The singer with the haunting voice is out with her second. Think Florence And The Machine at a lower octave. 


Blur’s The Magic Whip (April 27) has dad-friendly anthems
After 12 whole years, they’ve reunited. The first single ‘Go Out’ is some of that classic, unadulterated rock. 


Passion Pit’s Kindred (April 21) when you want grating-good spirits
They bang out happy tunes, without being twee. The American indie-electro act’s third studio album has more of that euphoric vibe.