Now trending: Hair contouring and strobing Advertisement

Now trending: Hair contouring and strobing

Move over blonde highlights and ombre hair

By Anjan Sachar  June 22nd, 2016

While we’ve heard the words ‘contouring’ (Kim K’s over the trend she sparked), and ‘strobing’ (it’s got an update) a million times, now, you can test them out on your hair! Walking out with bed head that looks like we made an effort is a dream. Pinch yourself if you must, it’s really here.
L’Oréal Professionnel’s hair contouring colour service will bring out your cheekbones without the hassle of actually using any make-up. Their experts customise shades of brown from the INOA Mocha collection to accentuate parts of your face; they use lighter browns around your jawline and eye area to draw attention to your cheekbones. Result: a natural, contoured face without worrying about any blending (just like Deepika Padukone’s).
On the other hand, Matrix’s Rock N Strobe service puts the spotlight on your best features, depending on exactly what you want to highlight, by playing with hair colour. Unlike make-up, where you’d apply highlighter on your face, hair strobing adds light and luminescence to your hair in places that fall close to your face to brighten it up. We love the hassle-free radiance Gigi Hadid’s channeling. (Can’t do without a Kardashian beauty trend? Try Sandbagging.)

Available at all L’Oreal Professionnel and Matrix salons respectively.