The nude lipstick mistake you need to stop making

You’ll probably the find the perfect red lipstick shade (you know, the one that falls just between red and orange) before you’ll find a nude lippie that doesn’t look like you’ve kissed a vat of loose foundation powder. Mickey Contractor, make-up artist to the stars, would like to give you an amen.

For the past couple of decades, M.A.C Cosmetics’ go-to guy has been fighting the good fight and trying to make a more inclusive palette of nude colours available in India. The results could be seen at the special preview of the M.A.C x Mickey collection that brings back the shades ‘Mehr’ and ‘Yash’ on popular demand.

“Young girls often get confused while shopping for a nude lipstick. Influenced by the foreign beauty bloggers they see on Instagram, they tend to opt for really pale shades that don’t do anything for the Indian skin tone,” he rues.

So how do you find the nude lip colour of your dreams? For starters, stop making this basic mistake. “I’ve seen people generally pick up the nude colour that matches their skin tone exactly, which results in a cakey foundation effect. The key is to go one shade darker to make the colour subtly stand out,” explains Mickey. 

His parting words of wisdom? “Any nude lipstick is only as good as the lip liner it is paired with, so choose wisely.”

mac lip liner nude

M.A.C Lip Pencil in Stripdown (Rs 1,450) and M.A.C Matte Lipstick in Yash (Rs 1,500)

10 nude lipsticks for every skin type

We did the hard work for you: Here are the hottest nude lipsticks on the market right now. The best part? They won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

[Gallery id=”56″]

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