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Ruy Sanchez Blanco and Manuel Barenboim of Motion Principles are taking the world on a visual journey

Some visuals speak louder than words

By Subhanjana Das  April 20th, 2020

Visuals are unarguably one of the strongest mediums of communicating, and thanks to the hyper-digitisation of content, innovators are bringing never-seen-before ways of looking at practically everything. Manual Barenboim and Ruy Sanchez Blanco, who have studied fine arts and visuals arts respectively, are doing their own bit to take visuals and its impact a notch higher with Motion Principles, their NYC-based creative studio. By joining their forces of video editing, animation, photography, and production director, Barenboim and Blanco are on a mission to offer a different take on fashion, documentary, music video, and editorial content.

Our animated cover for January 2020 issue by Motion Principles.

Motion Design and Animation by Manuel Barenboim
Post Production by Ruy Sanchez Blanco 

Barenboim’s dream job growing up was as unconventional as the projects he later pursued in his career. “My dream job as a kid was to be a lego designer. Growing up, that took different forms and shapes, from drawing and architecture, to ceramics and sculpture. To me, making a film is a lot like building a specific lego model: shots, images, music and sounds are like lego blocks. You can combine them in several different ways, but there is one unique combination where all the pieces are used, and where the construction makes sense as a whole, and that’s where the film becomes the best it can be,” he shares.

Blanco, however, knew from the get-go that creative visuals was his calling. “Thanks to a very creatively oriented family, I was surrounded by artists and musicians with many of my earliest memories being of museum visits, and musical and theatrical performances. I was particularly interested in photography, thanks to my aunt, and through her learned how to use a manual camera and print black and white photographs in the darkroom at the age of 6,” says Blanco.

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