Decoding your October 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your October 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Channelise your energies this month

By Ashtar Tashi  October 9th, 2018

According to your October 2018 horoscope, this month Venus has gone into retrograde (starting from October 5) for forty days and forty nights. That means we are in retrograde till November 15. In the first half, Venus is going to be in Scorpio and later in Libra. The retrograde period will bring six weeks of absolute passion which is referred to love in all artistic and creative work, and in terms of relationships, we might find things getting a little rocky.

Unfortunately, the Venus retrograde is not a planet of communication which may have its effects on you. You will become impatient and perhaps be rude to each other. So step back and gain perspective in your relationship. Be in awareness during this month.

This is your October 2018 Horoscope:


Aries, you need to spread your love this month. Show people what they mean a lot to you, be it to your partner, your children or your family. Accept people the way they are and do not look at them with a eye of judgement. So this month, open up for all the love you receive and give it back too.


Gemini, this month, look after your health. Look after your love needs and pay more attention to yourself. If you feel like things are not working out or anything is not working on your favour, you need to take it easy. Show some love to self.


Virgo, things are going to be complicated for you this month. You might feel left alone. Do not invest in yourself in wasteful expenditure in terms of your finances in the month of October. Build your strength with all the wisdom you have gained this month. 


Leo, this month is going to be challenging. Things might resurface again. Distract yourself to do creative things. Take some time to focus on appreciating who you are. Look after yourself — that will help you to keep going through difficult times.


Scorpio, you need to look after your needs. Do not be harsh on yourself. Self love is all you need this month.


Cancer, this month is about transformation for you. You will find yourself changing as a person. You could find your love but you need to know how much you want to invest in this relationship. Because after the retrograde gets over in November, these new people may not be around. Cancerians this month love will change you to a better, kinder person.


Capricorn, you have got to be careful this month. The past might come and haunt you this month. Do not get into any kind of fight or arguments with loved ones or even people not close to you. Think about all the mistakes you have made if you want to repair them.


Libra, you might feel confused or feel that you have overextended yourself in your relationships or monetarily. Stay grounded. Do not take sudden decisions. The entire month you need to stay quiet and in a reflective mood.


Pisces, you are open to receiving love and opportunities this month. Integrate all your learnings in the months that have gone by this year. Take advantage of your wisdom and access more ideas.


Sagittarius, it's time for you to be in a quiet space. Take a few steps back this month and retrospect on the past months of this year. Observe yourself and work out what is best for you.


Taurus, it's time for you to make closures in your business and love life. And don't back down. But do it with love and care. Do not tend to become aggressive while taking your decisions.


Aquarius, this is a good time for you in case you are looking for opportunities in your love life and career. But at the same time you are looking for freedom. You need to go grab it.