Oh, so these are the boots every celebrity is currently wearing Advertisement

Oh, so these are the boots every celebrity is currently wearing

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By Hannah Morrill  September 13th, 2017

Love it or hate it, we’re living in a moment where if our celebrities Gigi, Kendall or even Priyanka Chopra do it, the rest of the world is going to want to follow suit, ASAP. And right now that means Stuart Weitzman boots, in all their glory—thigh high, ankle-skimming, or mid-calf. (To be fair, Hadid is also a spokesperson for the brand.)

Gigi Stuart Boots2

Gigi Hadid

What makes this moment a little different is that rather than running out and getting the same cookie-cutter boots, Stuart Weitzman is allowing shoppers to customize their selections with a limited-time made-to order program, which start August 28 and was just extended to September 13.

Priyanka Stuart thumbnail3

Priyanka Chopra at Tiff 2017. @priyankachopra

The idea is that the most popular fall boot styles (Histyle, Flatscrunchy, Crushaok, Tiemodel, Hiline, Clingy, Alljack and Trendy) can be tricked out in a range of suedes, leathers and velvets, and ten colors, black, navy, beige, crimson, and white among them.

Kendall Stuart boots

Kendall Jenne

The custom boots will range from Rs 34,233 to Rs 70,256 and be delivered to your doorstep in 12 weeks flat (a.k.a. you might want to get on it if these are going to be a part of your fall look). Stuart Weitzman’s made-to-order program is at Stuart Weitzman boutiques and at stuartweitzman.com.