OkCupid's new Find My Kind video will have you saying 'same' Advertisement

OkCupid’s new Find My Kind video will have you saying ‘same’

So many feels

By Manali Shah  August 8th, 2019

– You’ve been tricked by your parents into attending an arranged marriage set up
– Your friends have tried to set you up on a blind date
– Your friendly neighbourhood aunty claims to know the perfect match for you
If you found yourself nodding at any or all of the above points, we feel you. Navigating the world as a single Indian woman can be tricky— nobody really ‘gets’ what you’re looking for. In a society where the idea of marriage has remained unchanged for generations, you probably find yourself disagreeing with the traditional notions of gender roles. The upside? The popular dating app OkCupid has completely changed the game.
OkCupid’s new campaign, Find My Kind drives home the fact that while your family and well-meaning friends may try to get you to meet someone they think is right for you, more often than not, they’re not in sync with what you seek.

To boost your chances of matching with someone special, OkCupid has put in place filters that help you narrow down your search. While you can swipe left and right on potential matches, you also get a peek into their personality through multiple questions. With OkCupid (and its intuitive algorithm), you’re bound to find someone whose answers to the quirky as well as serious questions align with yours… someone who cares about the same things (be it climate change or feminism), share the same interests (not all of us like to run 5k on weekends), and more importantly, is *also* interested in a meaningful relationship!
After all, the concept of ‘settling’ is just not in the millennial DNA. And when you’ve hustled hard to build that offbeat career you’ve always dreamed of, fought patriarchy to just be yourself, why should your relationship be any different?