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Olive’s #15andFabulous menu is perfect for a cozy winter meal

And, there’s a fresh truffle table

By ELLE team  January 21st, 2020

For 15 years, Olive has remained the go-to place for Delhiites. To celebrate all these years of culinary excellence, the rustic restaurant in Mehrauli recently launched its #15andFabulous winter menu. The new menu is a Mediterranean mosaic of sorts, while giving a modern twist to classic dishes. Many of the delicacies use produce like Nagaland chillies, soft shell crab from Andhra Pradesh and tuna sourced from Andaman.

Halibut and fishermen’s stew

But, this isn’t it. Chef Dhruv Oberoi also reveals how the restaurant has picked out ingredients like amaranth, millets, seaweed, and bitter gourd from the WHO’s Future 50 Foods List and used them for new, healthier dishes. So for those who believe in mindful eating, you can find alternatives like pastas made of buttermilk instead of cream and cheese. Who would’ve thought?

Scallop with fennel and bacon

The new menu is fashioned into the categories of flora, fauna and marine, with appetisers like heirloom beets and chèvre, cauliflower and labneh (a greek yogurt), roast pumpkin and pearl barley risotto along with handcrafted pastas like gnocchi and squash.

Pork belly and cherry

Seafood lovers can sample golden fried soft-shell crabs, sous-vide octopus and ash-roasted pimentos, served with picon purée and shrimp meatballs. Plus, you can also eat delectable poultry dishes made with chorizo, chicken and Belgian pork belly.

Seaweed avocado and millet

However, the most exciting thing from the menu is the introduction of the fresh truffle table, which includes seasonal black gold truffles flown in from Europe and infused into a delicious 3-course meal.

And, we haven’t reached the desserts yet. If you’re guilty of having a sweet tooth like us, then dig into a variety of chocolates, sorbets, sundaes, gateaux and macaroons. The delicious macaroons can be taken home or enjoyed at the restaurant.

We really cannot think of a better way to celebrate winters.

Pistachio and apricot baklava

Burrata and strawberry