The Onitsuka Tiger SS’21 Collection: A Blend Of Fashion With Sports, And Heritage With Innovation Advertisement

The Onitsuka Tiger SS’21 Collection: A Blend Of Fashion With Sports, And Heritage With Innovation

Fashion enthusiasts, take notes

By Onitsuka Tiger  February 19th, 2021

Combining fashion with a sporty outlook is never an easy task. But if there’s one brand that can ace the perfect blend every time, it’s Japanese fashion brand, Onitsuka Tiger. And with its new Spring-Summer 2021 collection, the cult-favourite brand has yet again proven that it’s making its mark with its global brand ambassador, Willow Smith.

Watch Willow Smith in the Onitsuka Tiger SS’21 collection campaign here:

Keeping the theme of “The Onitsuka Tiger Attitude” in mind, the campaign showcases a contemporary collection worn by Willow Smith that beautifully marries fashion with sports, and highlights the brand’s heritage while simultaneously innovating. In the words of Andrea Pompilio, the Creative Director of the brand, “The theory of the brand is to pay homage to its history, and continue to evolve with creativity and trends.”

The collection itself features fluid silhouettes, along with belted robes (perfect for staying in!), all of which emphasise the comfy-chic, fashionable vibe of the brand. But what really makes the ensembles shine through is the wearer, and Willow Smith, with her unique identity, makes for the perfect ambassador for the brand. 

onitsuka tiger 3

“While the world is changing at an unprecedented speed, Willow continues to offer new values to society without losing her shining individuality,” said the communication team of Onitsuka Tiger on the second season’s campaign images featuring Willow. “For this campaign, Andrea Pompilio used the essential beauty that overflows from within Willow for the theme. We wanted to portray this collection in a dramatic way by incorporating yoga poses, which she happens to be good at. This campaign gives us hope that there are no limits to the diversity of fashion and that everyone can truly enjoy fashion in their own unique way, whether on the go or at home, regardless of location, age, or gender.” And we’re bound to agree!

You share your yoga-related activities on your Instagram on a daily basis. What does yoga mean to you? Also, you incorporated some yoga poses into this shoot. How did you feel about making yoga poses in Onitsuka Tiger’s new collection?

Willow Smith, Brand Ambassador of Onitsuka Tiger: To me, yoga is a practice which brings me closer to myself so that I can still my mind enough to build my relationship with The Divine. I’m grateful that I could show these beautiful, unique garments in a way that’s so fulfilling for me!

If you describe this campaign in one word, what would it be?

WS: I would describe this campaign the same way I would describe the shoes: originative.

Onitsuka Tiger’s theory, which continues to transmit traditional and innovative messages globally, and Willow’s identity, which is individual and unique, resonate with each other, thus creating an idiosyncratic synergy that surrounds the gorgeous campaign throughout. And it’s a beautiful reminder that the Onitsuka Tiger style is expressed not only through the logo and the particular details inspired by sailing sails, but through the special campaign images that allow the viewers to feel a completely new Onitsuka Tiger-ism.

Swipe through for a quick look at the campaign:

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Photographs: Onitsuka Tiger