6 products to make your period more environmentally-friendly

Did you know 90% of sanitary pads are made out of plastic? This same plastic — which is bleached with chlorine — is the reason you get rashes, allergies and general irritation when you’re on your period. To add to that, given the fact that plastic is not biodegradable, it only accumulates to waste that millions of women and adolescent girls contribute to. Feeling guilty? Us too.

Luckily for us, there’s a smarter, and environmentally-friendly option being offered in the market right now. Sanitary pads made out of bamboo fibre, reusable menstrual cups, organic cotton tampons and wipes are some alternatives available for the eco-conscious woman of today. If you’re a creature of habit, you might find it difficult to switch to, say, a menstrual cup. But if you realise how effective it is once you’ve got the hang of it — you can even wear it while swimming or doing water sports — you won’t think twice. Here is our list of organic menstrual products.

6 eco-friendly menstrual products and where to find them:

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