Do you follow the right skin diet?

Unpopular opinion: our skin needs very little to be healthy. A minimal routine of daily cleansing, regular hydration and weekly exfoliation covers all the basic needs. What makes this routine even more impactful is the right ingredients because what you put on your face will reflect on your skin health.

A combination of healthy diet and natural skincare products can go a long way in nourishing your skin—Deyga Organics helps you meet these skincare needs. The founder Arthi Raguram created a range of natural skincare after a series of bad reactions from prolonged use of hazardous products. She says, “Deyga finds its roots blooming out of personal experiences, I suffered the cons of chemical-infused products which drastically worsened my sensitive skin during my teens. For me, the only way out was the traditional home remedies—the most potent skin caretakers I have ever come across. We wanted to encompass the same potency in our handcrafted products hence, Deyga is a representation of the same cherishing tradition we have had since a long time”.


As the name suggests, Deyga’s skincare is created with a selection of organic ingredients that are cultivated on the brand’s very own Deyga Farm, where animals are reared with gratitude and nature is revered as Mother. The final products capture the essence of nature in its purest form that is good for your skin and overall health. As organic products slowly take over the market space, the brand would like more people to ditch mass-produced chemical-laden products “with flattering taglines that are just made to deceive gullible people in the name of wellness”. Suited for every skin type and age group, Deyga’s cruelty-free range makes up the ideal skin diet that will safeguard your skin from damage and also enhance your natural glow. Take your pick from bestsellers, like the Beetroot Lip Balm, Charcoal Soap and Beautifying Serum.

Sold across the world, the natural beauty brand has earned the trust of their customers with their in-depth understanding of ayurvedic principles and social responsibility towards the environment.

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