Take care of your skin and save the planet at the same time, here's how Advertisement

Take care of your skin and save the planet at the same time, here’s how

Oriflame's Ecobeauty range also does right by farmers in Kerala

By Serena Menon  April 17th, 2017

Only once you’ve spent a day at a coconut farm in Kanjirakolly village in Kannur, Kerala, do you realise how remarkably versatile this seed-fruit really is. From the fronds (to make thatched roofs or brooms) and the husk (it replaces firewood) to the coconut shells (used for handicrafts and as utensils), the milk (drink it to control cholesterol levels), the water (for flawless skin and instant hydration) and the meat (a vitamin storehouse)—you could try very hard to generate waste here and still probably fail. And we haven’t even mentioned coconut oil, that beauty elixir for the ages, yet. 

Other than nourishing every possible surface it comes in contact with, coconut oil’s antibacterial properties also make it a mouthwash (you may retch, but you’ll do it freshly) and a star ingredient across wellness products. Take for instance, Swedish cosmetic giant Oriflame’s new “sustainability” flagship range, Ecobeauty. It does more than just endorse the benefits of organic coconut oil (among several other natural ingredients). It also ties up with the Fairtrade Alliance Kerala to ensure the processes involved in sourcing it are ethical—be it harvesting or offering farmers a “fair price” and “fairtrade premium” for the ingredients.   

The paraben-free and lightly fragranced range features everything you need in your daily skincare drill—cleansing milk, face cream, serum, toner and an eye cream. Want more from your CTM routine? Go on, boast about how even the tube your eye cream comes in is biodegradable. Because it is. Doing good has rarely felt this convenient.

Here’s what Oriflame’s new Ecobeauty range has to offer:

Ecobeauty Cleansing Milk, with organic sunflower seed oil and organic cornflower water, Rs 1,299 for 200ml

Ecobeauty Face Cream, with arctic ligonberry and sea buckthorn seed oil, Rs 1,699 for 50ml 

Ecobeauty Serum, with evening-primrose oil and aloe vera extract,  Rs 2,199 for 30ml

Ecobeauty Toner, with organic rosewater and chamomile water,  Rs 1,299 for 200ml 

Ecobeauty Eye Cream, with arctic ligonberry and sea buckthorn seed oil, Rs 799 for 15ml